COVID-19 Government and International Response: April 2, 2020

What to Know

Global cases of COVID-19 will reach 1-million today. As of 3:30 p.m. there are 998,047 cases of COVID-10 globally. Canada’s cases have grown from 9,538 yesterday to 11,060. As a percentage of the population, Canada has 320.09 cases per million people.

Ontario now reports 2,793, up 401 from yesterday. The Toronto Star’s tally of the Province’s local health unites shows 2,965 cases. The province has now tested 62,733 individuals and reporting 2,052 tests currently under investigation.

While the impact of COVID-19 continues to shock the Canadian economy, economists like Jack Carr, Robyn Gibbard and Jean-Francois Perrault all believe that when the pandemic is over, Canada is well positioned to recover. As Jack Mintz writes in the National Post, “while the immediate outlook is dim, there is room for hope. The immense effort involved in the current lockdown, combined with almost innumerable initiatives to devise treatments and vaccines, will reduce deaths and distress and — eventually — enable us all to return to work.” All agree Canada needs to watch the United States and how that country manages the outbreak, along with other pitfalls we need to avoid. But as Gibbard says in the Toronto Star: If any country is going to have a V-shaped recovery, Canada is a good candidate.


In his address to Canadians this morning, Prime Minister Trudeau said the federal government will release COVID-19 projections in the coming days and weeks. The Prime Minister says the government has a range of scenarios and did not want to provide more information until the government could share something until they had clearer numbers. He reiterated his call on Canadians to self-isolate and quarantine to slow the spread of the virus, keep Canadians safe, and not overwhelm the health care system. He also announced that more than 11 million face masks have arrived in Canada in recent days and that the government is now testing the masks to ensure they meet Canadian safety standards.

The Prime Minister will also host a virtual First Ministers Meeting this evening to discuss the government’s response to COVID-19.

Following Minister Morneau’s news conference yesterday, the government provided additional information about the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair released the Government of Canada’s the “Guidance on Essential Services and Functions in Canada During the COVID-19 Pandemic” to assist various jurisdictions and businesses in their decision-making around the types of employees considered essential to maintain the health, safety, security and economic well-being of Canadians throughout this health crisis.

The guidance document provides a list of services and functions across Canada’s 10 critical infrastructure sectors: Energy and Utilities, Information and Communication Technologies, Finance, Health, Food, Water, Transportation, Safety, Government and Manufacturing.


Premier Ford warned that the province’s modelling will be hard to hear, but that he would provide Ontarians with more information tomorrow. The Ontario government will also make it easier for everyone, especially those on the front lines, to reach out for mental health support during the COVID-19 outbreak. To improve access, the province is providing emergency funding of up to $12 million to immediately expand online and virtual mental health supports and $2.6 million to hire new psychologists and other mental health workers to support Ontario Provincial Police personnel.

Economic Development Minister Vic Fedeli promoted the government’s Ontario Together procurement portal and highlighted some of the private sector response in the face of the COVID-19 crisis in a Toronto Sun op-ed.


With many Toronto residents continue to ignore the closure of City recreation and community gathering spaces Mayor John Tory has asked Police Chief Mark Saunders to authorize an enforcement blitz.


  • There are now 237,063 cases of COVID-19 in the United States, up from 207,637 cases yesterday. New York State now reports 92,381 cases, of which 51,809 are in New York City. There are 724.77 cases per million people in the United States.
  • China is reporting 81,589 cases, nearly 60 cases per million people.
  • India, still on lockdown, now reports 2,069 cases. That is 1.64 cases per million people.
  • Italy continues to report approximately 5,000 case daily increases. There are now 115,242 cases, or 1,824.45 per million people.
  • Spanish cases have grown from 102,136 to 110,238 cases, or 2,224.77 per million people.
  • Germany is reporting 84,415 cases, equaling 1,029.99 cases per million.
  • The UK has 33,718 cases, up from 29,474 yesterday, equaling 519.59 per million people.
  • Brazil now reports 7,011 cases of COVID-19, 38.37 cases per million.
  • Chile reports more than 3,404 cases, totalling 194.75 per million people.
  • Australia has more than 5,100 cases, equaling 224.39 per million people.