COVID-19 Government and International Response: April 20, 2020


Global COVID-19 cases have reached 2,435,876, up from 2,173,432 cases on Friday. Canada is now reporting 35,708 cases, up from 31,642 cases of COVID-19 at 3:30 on Friday. Ontario reports 11,184 cases, up from 9,525 cases from Friday. The province has now tested 164,840 individuals and reports 3,799 tests are currently under investigation. More information here.


The Prime Minister’s briefing today focused on the mass shooting in Nova Scotia.


The provincial government released updated COVID-19 modelling today, which shows the measures businesses and residents have taken to slow the spread of the disease are working. The government’s presentation says “while earlier models predicted a peak in cases in May, public health interventions, including widespread adherence to physical distancing, have accelerated the peak to now. Ontario is now trending toward a best case scenario rather than a worst case scenario.” While community spread is coming under control, the government warns “spread in long-term care and other congregate settings seems to be growing.”

In a news release, Premier Ford said: COVID-19 continues to be a clear and present danger, especially to our seniors and most vulnerable citizens. That is why we must continue to follow the advice of our Chief Medical Officer of Health and stay the course in order to keep people safe and healthy.

Following the release of the new modelling, Premier Ford announced the government’s Jobs and Recovery Taskforce is preparing a framework to gradually and safely reopen the economy with strict criteria. More information to come.

The Ontario government announced over the weekend that it will invest $20 million to advance medical research and develop tools and resources to combat COVID-19 and other infectious diseases through the Ontario COVID-19 Rapid Research Fund. The government is calling on all of the province’s world-class research institutions, postsecondary institutions, and non-profit scientific partners to take action in the development of innovative solutions to track and defeat COVID-19. More information here.


Over the weekend City of Toronto staff and Mayor Tory met to discuss how the city could be reopened once public health officials authorize the lifting of some restrictions. The Mayor said that while the exact details of the reopening of the city are still a work in progress, it will be done using a “staged process” and won’t begin “one minute before” public health officials say that it can.

Citing the City’s Chief Medical Officer of Health on CP24 today, the mayor said: Our Medical Officer of Health said at the beginning that this was at least a 12-week process in terms of the lockdown and we are just six weeks into it. I hate to be the bearer of sobering news but I think we are maybe just or are about to reach the peak and that is not the day in which you say that it is time to start reopening things. More information here.


Country Total cases at 3:30 p.m. Total cases Friday at 3:30 p.m. Increase from previous Cases per million Total recovered Total deaths
Global 2,435,876 2,214,861 221,015 313.26 639,239 167,369
Canada 35,708 31,642 4,066 940.2 12,199 1,618
United States 778,027 689,588 88,439 2,360.83 71,280 41,376
China 82,747 82,692 55 59.02 77,084 4,632
India 17,656 13,835 3,821 12.98 2,842 559
Italy 181,228 172,434 8,794 3,008.26 48,877 24,114
Spain 200,210 188,093 12,117 4,250.71 80,587 20,852
Germany 146,286 138,498 7,788 1,759.32 83,438 4,676
United Kingdom 124,743 108,692 16,051 1,877.65 16,509
Brazil 39,144 30,961 8,183 185.22 22,130 2,484
Chile 10,507 9,252 1,255 549.9 4,676 139
Iran 83,505 79,494 4,011 1,002.09 59,273 5,209
Australia 6,619 6,522 67 257.9 4,258 71