COVID-19 Government and International Response: April 30, 2020


Global COVID-19 cases have reached3,275,783, up from 3,192,545 yesterday at 3:30 p.m. Canada is now reporting 53,013 cases, up from 51,231 cases of COVID-19 yesterday. Ontario reports 16,187 cases, up from 15,728 cases yesterday. The province has now tested 277,522 individuals and reports 11,859 tests are currently under investigation. More information here.


During yesterday’s emergency session of parliament, the House of Commons passed the government’s $9-billion student supports package. To ensure the package received unanimous consent to pass through the House as quickly as possible, the government amended the Canada Emergency Student Benefit to increase the amount students with a disability or students who are taking care of someone else would receive. More information here.

Last week the Government announced details on the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) for small businesses, which will lower rent by 75 per cent for small businesses that have been most affected by COVID-19. Additional details about the program are now available from CMHC here.

During this morning’s briefing, the Prime Minister said Canadians privacy must be considered while the government looks at digital contact tracing technology and apps. “We have a number of proposals and companies working on different models that might be applicable to Canada. But as we move forward on taking decisions, we’re going to keep in mind that Canadians put a very high value on their privacy, on their data security,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. More information here.


With the Ontario government preparing to reopen parts of the economy, this afternoon it released safety guidelines to provide direction to those working in manufacturing, food manufacturing and processing, restaurant and food service, and the agricultural sector. These measures build on more than 60 guidelines developed by Ontario’s health and safety associations in response to COVID-19 for various sectors such as retail, health care, construction, transportation, police services, firefighters, and transit employees. More information here.


In response to a viewer question on CP24, Mayor Tory said face masks could be a part of daily life for Torontonians as the City develops its recovery plan. “I think there will be some recommendation coming on that, whether it’s in stores, restaurants, on the street, on the subway,” said Mayor Tory. More information here.

Toronto City Council is holding its first virtual meeting today where councillors will decide whether to extend the City’s state of emergency among other issues. More information about what is on the council agenda here.

Yesterday, Mayor Tory announced the proposed implementation plan for a modular supportive housing initiative to create 110 modular homes on two City-owned sites. The new modular homes are expected to be ready for occupancy by September 2020 and will provide stable, affordable housing and support services to individuals experiencing homelessness. More details on the proposed implementation plan can be found in the staff report here.


Country Total cases at 3:30 p.m. Total cases yesterday at 3:30 p.m. Increase from previous Cases per million Total recovered Total deaths
Global 3,275,783 3,192,545 83,238 420 1,031,803 231,577
Canada 53,013 51,231 1,782 1,405 21,187 3,180
United States 1,078,476 1,049,431 29,045 3,258 149,686 62,535
China 82,862 82,858 4 58 77,610 4,633
India 34,780 31,787 2,993 25 9,068 1,151
Italy 205,463 203,591 1,972 3,398 75,945 27,967
Spain 239,639 236,899 3,048 5,125 137,984 24,543
Germany 162,123 160,943 1,180 1,935 123,500 6,518
United Kingdom 171,253 165,221 6,032 2,523 26,771
Brazil 80,246 74,493 5,753 378 34,132 5,541
Chile 16,023 14,885 1,138 838 8,580 227
Iran 94,640 93,657 983 1,127 75,103 6,028
Australia 6,753 6,746 7 265 5,715 91