Whether you are an employee or an employer, find resources, guidelines and practical next steps to help your workplace reopen, and stay open safely.

Resources for Employees

Learn about Ontario’s Vaccination Mandate

As one of the first advocates for mandatory vaccination policies in nonessential businesses, the Board created this guide so you can learn about Ontario’s vaccination mandate:

Download Vaccination Mandates: What Your Business Should Know

  Travel safely from door to desk

The Board has partnered with the Government of Canada, Metrolinx, and the TTC to outline key points you should keep in mind to ensure a safe trip from your door to desk.

Access the guide to safe travel

Take part in never-done before experiences

Get excited about coming back to in-person work by trying out things you have never done before in the downtown core. You could win a $250 gift card.

Learn more about the Never Have I Ever TO Campaign

Resources for Employers

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Business Districts: a new model for our regional economy

To provide effective solutions we must expand our understanding of the regional economy beyond geographical boundaries. Instead, we’ve introduced a business districts framework to examine our economy based on key physical, economic, and workforce characteristics.

We’ve analyzed each of the business districts to better understand the economic impact of the pandemic and identify how to support their recovery. The same districts can also be found across the globe.

Metropolitan Centre

The dominant urban centre of a region, defined by its density and variety of service industries – such as marketing, consulting, finance, tourism and retail. 

Goods Production & Distribution

Areas defined by the production and movement of goods — such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. 

Services & Mixed Use

Less dense areas containing a mix of goods- and services-based activities including professional, industrial, and retail operations.

Regional Centres

Hubs that are home to civic and government institutions and professional and retail businesses. 

Knowledge Creation

Engines of the innovation ecosystem which contain post-secondary schools and teaching hospitals.

Members Insights

The dominant urban centre of a region, defined by its density and variety of service industries – such as marketing, consulting, finance, tourism and retail. 

Pilot Zones: highlighting the needs and learnings of a business district

We focused on three areas across the greater Toronto area to determine needs and solutions that can be applied to similar districts, globally. In each, we established a pilot zone, where we engaged key organizations to explore that zone’s needs to operate safely through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial District Pilot Zone

Pearson Employment Area Pilot Zone

Scarborough Centre Pilot Zone

Never Have I Ever

Watch Mayor John Tory and Jan De Silva kick off We’re Ready Toronto


October 2, 2021

The work from home trend is killing downtown Toronto and experts say it could get worse

October 1, 2021

New data shows downtown Toronto’s economic rebound lags behind GTA — and Canada overall

August 25, 2021

We need one COVID safe pass for the entire province

Data Guide

Learn how to assess and apply analysis.

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Leading Practices​

COVID-19 safety measures to support your business.

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