Commuting With Confidence – Let’s Get Back Downtown Safely

Transit leaders share the many safety measures their teams have implemented to keep Toronto moving: 

✔️ Expanded & more frequent cleaning & sanitizing routines 
✔️ Riders & staff mandated to wear a mask
✔️ Signs on vehicles & stations’ seats & floors help distancing & traffic flow
✔️ Plexiglass barriers on GO Transit & UP Express maintain passenger separation
✔️ Riders having easy access to hand sanitizer in trains & stations 
✔️ Free masks handed out (almost 3M given away) & PPE vending machines installed 
✔️ PRESTO cards shared via libraries & other outlets encourage contactless payment 

Commuting With Confidence – Behind the Scenes Safety Protocols

Transit leaders share safety procedures that have been put in place behind the scenes:

✔️ GO Trains, UP Express lines, & TTC busses, streetcars, & subway cars have hospital-grade (MERV 13) air filters to greatly improve airflow & quality
✔️ All employees & contractors must have 2 vaccine doses
✔️ Employees have free access to mandatory PPE
✔️ Regularly updated safety & COVID-19 protocol training for employees

Commuting With Confidence – Addressing Increasing Demand Safely

 Transit agencies are finding a balance between increasing capacity and proper safety measures by:

✔️ Services adjusted overall during higher demand times
✔️ 25% more trains on TTC’s Line 1 & 2 during peak times
✔️ TTC’s 900-series express buses are back
✔️ GO Train service is back to – & in some cases exceeds – pre-pandemic levels
✔️ Real-time passenger volume info for TTC buses via RocketMan & Transit apps

  Travel safely from door to desk

The Board has partnered with the Government of Canada, Metrolinx, and the TTC to outline key points you should keep in mind to ensure a safe trip from your door to desk.

Access the guide to safe travel