Financial District Pilot Zone

In the Metropolitan Centre, the Financial District is the heart of downtown Toronto. This zone employed approximately 118,000 workers, 21% of the Metropolitan Centre's 550,000 pre-pandemic workers.
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Pearson Employment Area Pilot Zone

In a Goods Production and Distribution District, this zone includes many businesses that have remained open with mitigations in place. Prior to the pandemic, the Pearson Employment Pilot Zone employed more than 200,000 people, 63% of the more than 300,000 workers in and around the Toronto Pearson Airport Employment Zone.
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Scarborough Centre Pilot Zone

A Regional Centre, this zone includes many types of workplaces and public-facing spaces—including a mall, a civic centre, library, small businesses, big box stores, and office towers—and employed more than 17,500 workers pre-pandemic.
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Leading Practices: safety measures applied to districts and their businesses

Find COVID-19 safety measures appropriate for your organization and your business in our database of control measures. They include leading practices that building owners, employers, cities, and transit agencies are using to mitigate COVID-19 transmission risk and have been compiled with the input of public health experts from our region.

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Technology Showcase: March 9-12, 2021

Find out more about technologies that can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep people safe in the workplace. Use each video’s chapters to jump to a specific presentation.

Space Management & Sanitation

Building Operations, Air Quality, & Travel

Screening & Exposure Tracking

Testing Providers & Employer Panel

This showcase is not comprehensive, and inclusion does not constitute endorsement by the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Business Districts: a new model for our regional economy

To provide effective solutions we must expand our understanding of the regional economy beyond geographical boundaries. Instead, we’ve introduced a business districts framework to examine our economy based on key physical, economic, and workforce characteristics.

We’ve analyzed each of the business districts to better understand the economic impact of the pandemic and identify how to support their recovery. The same districts can also be found across the globe.

Metropolitan Centre

The dominant urban centre of a region, defined by its density and variety of service industries – such as marketing, consulting, finance, tourism and retail. 

Goods Production & Distribution

Areas defined by the production and movement of goods — such as manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. 

Services & Mixed Use

Less dense areas containing a mix of goods- and services-based activities including professional, industrial, and retail operations.

Regional Centres

Hubs that are home to civic and government institutions and professional and retail businesses. 

Knowledge Creation

Engines of the innovation ecosystem which contain post-secondary schools and teaching hospitals.

Members Insights

The dominant urban centre of a region, defined by its density and variety of service industries – such as marketing, consulting, finance, tourism and retail. 

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Leading Practices

COVID-19 safety measures to support your business.

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