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COVID-19 is a crisis today and is creating a new normal tomorrow. From getting through the current challenge to forecasting and preparing for what’s coming—whatever it may be—we are here to assist you. On this page you will find information on the evolving COVID-19 situation and insights on how to respond.

Latest Insights

Our leaders and experts share knowledge about COVID-19 and its impact.

Jan De Silva Discusses Reimagining Recovery Framework with Dave Trafford on The Next Normal Podcast

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented crisis for our economy – with social distancing shuttering most businesses. As Canadian companies shift to the recovery phase of the pandemic, the Toronto Region Board of Trade came forward with the Reimagining Recovery framework, a six-track plan to help businesses and governments navigate our economic futures.

In this interview, published on May 25, 2020, Jan De Silva, President & CEO of the Toronto Region Board of Trade, joins Richard Joy of the Urban Land Institute Toronto, and Scott Beck of Tourism Toronto, on Dave Trafford’s new podcast, The Next Normal, to provide a closer look at each recovery stage in the Reimagining Recovery framework.

COVID-19 Young Professionals Insights Questionnaire

Many young professionals have never lived through an economic downturn before and are currently undergoing immense financial and emotional pressure. Knowing the pressures they face, the Board sent them an insights questionnaire to find out how they are doing.

Data from the questionnaire – released on April 27, 2020 –  revealed that 90 per cent of young professionals are experiencing anxiety about the state of the economy. Results also highlighted the need for businesses to support their young leaders as they focus on gaining new project experience and upskilling. Click here to review the latest YPIQ results in more detail.

To respond to the needs highlighted in the insights questionnaire, the Toronto Region Board of Trade is activating its network of thought leaders and industry experts, who have led through various economic crises, to provide a suite of programs that include peer to peer mentorship as well as a webinars on Financial Planning, Managing Stress, Working Remotely, Virtual Communication and Intrapreneurship. To find out more about the Board’s Young Professionals Network (YPN), click here.

COVID-19 Business Insights Questionnaire

To support our region in these challenging times, the City of Toronto and the Toronto Region Board of Trade are partnering on a check-in with businesses to stay current on specific pain points and identify relief measures needed now and in a post-COVID-19 recovery period.

Participating in our Business Insights Questionnaire will help us better understand specific impacts on businesses related to the current crisis, supports needed to keep businesses afloat and the effectiveness of measures implemented by all three levels of government.

The data from the latest questionnaire – released on April 19, 2020 – revealed that Toronto businesses urgently need support with commercial rent, mental wellness and supply chain stability to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are also calling for clarity and quick access to government relief programs. Click here to review the latest BIQ results in more detail.

The Board’s first questionnaire, published on March 24, indicated that small businesses have felt the pain of the crisis most acutely, and are undergoing dramatic changes in operations in staffing—including reductions.  Click here to read the full findings.

Events & Resources

Watch, listen, read and learn as we offer businesses counsel on getting through COVID-19.

Hear Senior Economist, Ross Prusakowski, discuss the current economic outlook, and Financial Planner, Jason Staglon, share advice on how to plan and prepare your personal finances for tomorrow’s growth. Watch the full April 30 webcast. 

Hear experts in digital transformation discuss how businesses can build an online presence and connect with both existing and new customers. Watch the full April 28 webcast. 

Hear Dr. Richard Florida explore how leaders can use the lessons of COVID-19 to build more resilient and equitable communities. Watch the full April 23 webcast. 

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